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The cadets at 471 Squadron are holding a recruitment evening on Monday, 5th September 2016. During the course of the night, anyone who is interested in joining the squadron can come along for the night, as a taster evening. At 471, there is a huge array of activities on offer, including flying, sports, shooting, camps, sports, the Duke of Edinburgh Award. the opportunity to earn BTEC qualifications, a 2 Star Kayak award and your Private Pilots Licence, as well as much more! People wishing to attend the evening can arrive at our squadron, based behind Tarleton Academy, on Hesketh Lane (PR4 6AQ), from 19:15 onwards, until 21:30, when squadron closes. The cadets and staff on squadron will be open to any questions or queries any potential new cadets or parents may have. If, however, you cannot make the evening, you can contact the squadron at training.471@aircadets.org.

<![CDATA[2016 Annual Camp | RAF Conninsby]]>Thu, 04 Aug 2016 11:59:39 GMThttp://471sqnatc.co.uk/news/2016-annual-camp-raf-conninsbyLast week, six cadets from 471 went on Cumbria & Lancashire Wing's annual camp to RAF Conninsby. Here are several photos from Cadet Warrant Officer Brentley, Flight Sergeant Ball (although his trip was cut short due to appendicitis - I hope you join us in wishing him well) and Cadets Timperley, Justice, Sutton and Bamford H's camp!
<![CDATA[2015: A Year in Review]]>Thu, 31 Dec 2015 21:11:56 GMThttp://471sqnatc.co.uk/news/2015-a-year-in-review2015 was a brilliant year for 471 Squadron, built on the success of 2014. At the end of 2014, around 20 cadets attended regularly, but now, we have around forty cadets on the squadron! One of our targets for 2015 was to get some cadets through their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award, and by the end of the year, Cadet Sergeant Ball, Cadet Corporal Pym and Cadet Holohan have all completed their award, and are all starting their Silver award!
Cadet Flight Sergeant Brentley was promoted from the rank of Sergeant, as well as Corporals Markey & Cookson from Cadet. Many cadets also achieved a new classification, many achieving their First Class, Leading and Senior levels.
April saw us compete in the prestigious Wing Training Day. In the drill competition, Cadet Corporal Sherrington very successfully led the team of twelve, before Cadet Sergeant Ball led his banner drill team consisting of Cadet Corporals Clifton, Greenwood, Pym & Sherrington. The other teams that competed during the day included the first aid team of Cadet Corporals Cookson, Markey, Pym & Sherrington; the shooting team of Cadets Bowden & Gillions and the aircraft recognition team of Cadet Corporal Clifton and Cadets Greenwood J and Savage. Overall, we finished the day in a highly respectable tenth out of thirty-three squadrons in the wing!
One of the Air Cadets' iconic activities is flying. Over 2015, we were able to get several places at RAF Woodvale to do Air Experience Flying. This is where cadets go up with a qualified pilot, during which, cadets can learn how to fly or enhance their knowledge, as well as some amazing experiences like aerobatics! Corporal Pym went flying twice with the Air Cadets over the year, and he said:
"Flying is an incredible experience. Nothing beats the adrenaline of aerobatics! I went flying twice in 2015 and both times I learnt something new, had a great time and didn't want it to end!"
Parades and fundraising are a big part of the Air Cadets. In 2015, we attended lots of these events and helped out many causes, including the Poppy Appeal and Remembrance Day parade; the Royal Air Force Association; the Battle of Britain parade; Tarleton Walking Day and Penwortham Gala. 
We had a brilliant year in terms of sport - Cadet Corporal Sherrington and Cadets Gillions and Greenwood  H and J were nominated for Cumbria & Lancashire Wing's Male Sports Cadet of the Year, and Cadet Corporals Cookson & Markey and Cadet Sherrington for Female Cadet of the Year. In the Inter Squadron Cross Country event in January, Cadet Corporal Sherrington took Gold and Cadet Gillions took Bronze in the Male event. Cadet Corporal Sherrington, Cadet GIllions (in the male event) and Cadet Sherrington J (in the female event) went on to represent C&L in the North Region event - With Cpl Sherrington finishing first! Cadet Corporals Pym & Sherrington and Cadet Greenwood J represented C&L in the football competition, in which the team finished a respectable second out of the five North Region teams. Cadet Greenwood J was selected to represent North Region in the Inter-Region football competition - the team finished an amazing second! In the netball competition, Cadet Corporals Markey, Cookson and Cadet Holohan represented the wing. The latter was selected for the North Region trials! In the Athletics event,  we were aiming for the top prize: The Weeton Cup. Unfortunately, we were only able to achieve a remarkable second place overall, with three bronze medals, eleven silver medals and eight gold medals! Cadet Corporal Markey, Cadet Corporal Clifton, Cadet Greenwood H, Cadet Morris, Cadet Sherrington, Cadet Gaskell & Cadet Gillions were all selected to represent the Wing team! The seven returned home with nine medals - Four bronze and five silver!
Thanks to CI Ben Cornwell, several cadets from 471 were lucky enough to get the experience of seeing the National Police Air Service (NPAS) at BAe Warton. During the tour of the facilities we were able to see the Eurocopter EC135 stationed at Warton, as well as getting a close look at the technology there, as well as getting to ask the police officers working there some questions.
In June, a team of eight cadets led by Cadet Greenwood J including Cadet took to Virgin Active gym in Preston to take part in a three-service competition, facing up against the local Army & Sea cadets in a range of competitions including spinning, gym activities and first aid scenarios. In addition to the sporting success, our cadets took to the challenge well and we ended up victorious!
More recently, on October 31st, 471 held its first Dining In night for several years. The night was hosted by Wellington Park. After the meal, a few awards were handed out. The winners of the awards were:
  • Most Promising Cadet: Cadet E. Little.
  • Male Sports Cadet of the Year (2nd Runners Up): Cadet Corporal Clifton and Cadet Greenwood H.
  • Male Sports Cadet of the Year (Runner Up): Cadet Greenwood J.
  • Male Sports Cadet of the Year: Cadet Corporal Sherrington.
  • Female Sports Cadet of the Year (2nd Runner Up): Cadet Corporal Cookson.
  • Female Sports Cadet of the Year (Runners Up): Cadet Holohan & Cadet Sherrington J.
  • Female Sports Cadet of the Year: Cadet Corporal Markey.
  • Certificate of Appreciation for the Poppy Appeal (Most Raised) (2014): Cadet Corporal Pym.
  • Certificate of Appreciation for the Royal Air Force Association (Most Raised): Cadet Corporal Markey.
  • The Derek Huyton Award for Outstanding Achievement: Cadet Flight Sergeant Brentley.
  • Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) of the Year: Cadet Sergeant Ball.
  • Cadet of the Year: Cadet Corporal Pym.
<![CDATA[Inter-Squadron Swimming 2015.]]>Sun, 06 Sep 2015 16:05:53 GMThttp://471sqnatc.co.uk/news/inter-squadron-swimming-2015Today, Cadets from 471 Squadron came a brilliant second place in the annual inter-squadron swimming competition, which took place at Salt Ayre Sports Centre, in Lancaster, as well as winning eight medals and a trophy!
The day started with the butterfly races, and Corporal Pym took a comfortable second place in his junior boys race, and Cadet Thorp battled to a bronze medal in her junior girls race. Then, Corporal Pym was back up on the blocks, racing in his heat for the junior boys freestyle, along with Corporal Markey in the junior girls heat and Cadet Greenwood J. in the senior boys heat. All three managed to get through to the finals – which would take place in the afternoon.
The next event was the backstroke race – Cadet Harris representing the junior boys, Cadet Holohan representing the junior girls and Cadet Greenwood J. in the senior boys. Again, all three managed to reach the final. The penultimate individual race was the breaststroke, and again, all three of our representatives reached the final – this time it was Cadet Green, Corporal Markey and Sergeant Ball in the junior boys, junior boys and senior boys respectively.
Finally, for the individual races, Corporal Pym raced in the individual medley – and finished fifth, which was good considering the tough opposition. For the junior girls competition, Cadet Thorp raced and finished fourth in her race. We had no competitor for the senior boys event however.
After the inividual heats, there was a twenty minute break, before the races proceeded with the finals. First, it was freestyle, with Corporal Pym taking second in the junior boys by a fraction of a second ahead of third place; then, Corporal Markey had her go at getting a medal, but was unfortunately unsuccessful, before Cadet Greenwood J. also came close but just not close enough in his senior boys final. In the backstoke, Cadet Harris picked up a silver in the junior boys; a feat beaten by Cadet Holohan’s gold in her junior girls event. Cadet Greenwood J. unfortunately was unwell after his freestyle final and didn’t compete. The last final of the day was the breaststroke event – started with the junior boys, which saw Cadet Green take silver, followed by Corporal Markey, who narrowly missed out on a podium finish. Sergeant Ball soon made up for this with a gold medal in his senior boys final.
The last event of the day was the freestyle relay – which was comfortably won by the junior boys team, consisting of Cadets Abram, Harris, Lloyd & Lopez! Congratulations to all cadets who attending from across Cumbria & Lancashire Wing, and especially to Kendal Squadron, who narrowly beat us to a first place overall! The Junior Girls too missed out on first place overall, as they managed second, but huge congratulations are in order for the Junior Boys who took the first place overall in their category! Well done!
<![CDATA[C&L Wing Adventure to the Pyrenees.]]>Tue, 18 Aug 2015 16:12:20 GMThttp://471sqnatc.co.uk/news/cl-wing-adventure-to-the-pyrenees
On the third of August 2015, Cadet Sergeant Ball and Cadet Corporal Sherrington flew from Liverpool John Lennon Airport to Barcelona Airport! The pair were beginning their fifteen-day adventure in the Spainish Pyrenees mountains! During the course of their camp, Ball & Sherrington went white water rafting, rock climbing, mountain climbing, swimming in the lakes (one at 2,200m above sea level), kayaking and, despite it being in Spain, in August, had a snowball fight! Sergeant Ball said “It was a great experience, and a great opportunity – I would recommend it to anyone”. The group of 14 cadets and four members of staff stayed near the town of Benasque – at a base-camp approximately the height of the largest mountain in the United Kingdom – Ben Nevis – which stands at 1,344m above sea level! Also, the group visited the Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey – a pilgrimage site for catholics, which stands 1,236m above the valley floor!
<![CDATA[471's Open Day & Cadet Challenge.]]>Sat, 04 Jul 2015 16:24:44 GMThttp://471sqnatc.co.uk/news/471s-open-day-cadet-challengeThe time is 10:00. Cadets are helping set up the squadron. Staff are organising their stalls. And Flight Sergeant Brentley, and Drill Team One are taking up their positions on the drill square. Throughout the past few weeks, cadets have been sponsored by parents, friends, relatives, and anyone else happy to donate to the squadron – And it all came down to the next six hours. Six hours of non-stop drill! The cadets were split up into three teams, and rotated around in twenty minute shifts. Each shift also had a different member of the NCO team taking the drill for that session. We’re happy to say that the drill didn’t stop; and we completed the challenge! Well done to every cadet who took to the square.
This wasn’t the only event during the day; there was also stalls for first aid, modelling, adventure training, the flight simulator and much more, as well as the Vulcan Café and barbecue hosting hungry visitors. The café was ran by Mrs Ashcroft & Mrs Francis in the parade hall, with our videos from flying and Wing Training Day being repeated on the projector, and the barbecue was ran by Warrant Officer Ashcroft (Snr.) and Mr Pym. Both of these were great successes!
The stalls also went tremendously well – Sergeant Ball’s Adventure Training tent attracted many guests, especially when Cadets Greenwood H, Greenwood T & Wilson shared their meal made with rat-packs! Corporal Markey’s first aid tent featured many realistic and extremely artistic injuries, including Cadet Trafford’s stuck pencil and Cadet Green’s broken bone! Mrs Greenwood’s Wine or Water stall, along with the RAFA Stand and Raffle also did great.
At half past four, after the cadets had all changed into their Wedgwood uniform, the continuity drill sequence, led by Sergeant Ball, commenced. The sequence, containing a complex mark time-form up manoeuvre, four figure-of-eights and forming a squad on the march, was performed with extreme professionalism and precision in front of many spectators. After the sequence, Sergeant Ball, Corporals Pym & Sherrington and Cadets Greenwood J & Lloyd put on the banner drill gloves and belts, and completed their banner sequence, which was again, performed with immense precision.
Click here to see the full gallery!
<![CDATA[Cosford Airshow 2015.]]>Sun, 14 Jun 2015 16:31:03 GMThttp://471sqnatc.co.uk/news/cosford-airshow-2015Today, several cadets from 471 Squadron attended the annual air show at Royal Air Force Cosford, near Wolverhampton. This is one of the best air shows that cadets will get to visit. Click here to see the full album.
<![CDATA[Tarleton Walking Day & Penwortham Gala.]]>Sat, 13 Jun 2015 16:38:07 GMThttp://471sqnatc.co.uk/news/tarleton-walking-day-penwortham-galaOn Saturday, 13th June 2015, 15 cadets from 471 Squadron attended Tarleton Walking Day, and two cadets attended Penwortham Gala. Every year, there is a march through Tarleton, that we are proud to take part in. This year was no different; Cadet Flight Sergeant Brentley, Cadet Sergeant Ball, Cadet Corporals Cookson, Greenwood & Markey and Cadets Abram, Bowden, Clifton, Curtis, Greenwood H, Lloyd, Lopez, Tarbarn, Thorp, Trafford & Sherrington represented the squadron during the march through the historic village. Simultaneously to Walking Day was Penwortham Gala – and as we do every year, Warrant Officer (ATC) Ashcroft held a barbecue, and, with the help of Cadet Corporal Sherrington & Cadet Holohan, the squadron was well represented at both events.
<![CDATA[471's Track & Field Stars... Part 2! (Inter-Wing Athletics)]]>Sun, 07 Jun 2015 16:42:43 GMThttp://471sqnatc.co.uk/news/471s-track-field-stars-part-2-inter-wing-athleticsPicture
On Sunday, seven cadets from 471 Squadron took part in the 2015 Inter-Wing athletics competition in Middlesbrough. Cadet Corporal Markey, Cadet Corporal Clifton, Cadet Greenwood H, Cadet Morris, Cadet Sherrington, Cadet Gaskell & Cadet Gillions all competed in various events throughout the day. Cadet Corporal Markey took part in the 100m  Relay, which didn’t end too well – according to Markey – who later earnt herself a silver in her individual 100m race, as well as a bronze in her Shotput event. Cadet Corporal Clifton also competed in the 100m relay, as well as shotput & discus; He came second in the relay, and third in shotput and discus. Cadet Gillions held off fierce competition to earn himself a silver medal in the 1500m race, and Cadet Greenwood H competed in the javelin event, managing to earn second place. Cadet Gaskell and Cadet Morris competed in high jump and 4x100m relay respectively; and both narrowly missed out on a medal, finishing fourth. Finally, Cadet Sherrington earnt a silver and bronze medal, in 200m and 1500m respectively, as well as finishing fourth in her long jump event. These are a great set of results, and I am sure all the cadets feel the same way about how the day went! The day was topped off when Cumbria & Lancashire Wing earnt 3rd Place in the overall competition!

<![CDATA[471's Track & Field Stars! (Inter-Squadron Athletics)]]>Sun, 10 May 2015 16:51:00 GMThttp://471sqnatc.co.uk/news/471s-track-field-stars-inter-squadron-athleticsPicture
Cadets from all over Cumbria & Lancashire Wing all descended onto the UCLan Sports Arena for  the annual inter-squadron athletics competition – giving cadets the opportunity to not only compete against other squadrons but also meet friends from camps and other events. This year, however, the 471 Cadets had one aim – To claim the Weeton Cup! The Weeton Cup is awarded to the squadron who gets the most points overall throughout the days procedures, and our strong sporting squadron were looking forward to the challenge of claiming one of the three biggest awards in the Wing sports calendar! However, the competitions were split into five age & gender categories – A (junior boys, 14 and under), B (under 17 men), C (above 17 men), D (junior girls) and E (senior girls).

Track Events: To start off with, Cadets Abram (A Category), Holohan (D Category) and Cadet Corporals Pym (B Category) & Cookson (E Category) had their 800m races, and Cadet Holohan & Corporal Cookson got 471 off to a flier – with a silver and bronze medal respectively. Shortly after, Cadet Morris (A), Corporal Greenwood (B), Corporal Clifton (C) and Corporal Markey (D) competed in their 100m heats, with Markey & Clifton reaching the finals, to take place at the end of the day. Then, Cadet Abram (A), Corporal Greenwood (B), Cadet Sherrington (D) and Flight Sergeant Brentley (E) had their 200m heats – Corporal Greenwood & Cadet Sherrington raced to their finals! After a short lunch break, racing continued, with the 400m race – to be done purely on times. Cadet Gillions (A) ran his way to a silver medal, with Corporal Sherrington (B) blitzing his way to first place in his race, and overall! Cadet Holohan (D) and Cadet Cookson (E) also picked up medals, each earning a bronze in their races. The longest distance of the day was firstly taken on by Cadet Gillions (A), who smashed the opposition, earning himself a gold medal. Corporal Sherrington (B) almost continued this, however he was just beaten, and ended up an outstanding second place, beaten by his sister, Cadet Sherrington (D) in her race, who saw off fierce competition by Cadet Howarth of 967 (BAe Warton) Squadron. At the end of the day, the 200m and 100m finals took place – Cadet Corporal Greenwood (B) crossed the line in fourth, before witnessing Cadet Sherrington (D) picking up her second gold of the day, after her 1500m success. The 100m finals then took the crowds attention, with Cadet Corporal Clifton racing into a bronze medal finish, and Cadet Corporal Markey just beaten on the line, earning her a well-deserved silver
Field Events: During the excitement of the track events, there were five field events happening simultaneously. In the A category, Cadet Greenwood picked up two medals – a gold and silver in javelin and long jump respectively, as well as strong performances by Cadet Lloyd in discus and Cadet Gaskell in high jump and shotput, with both these efforts resulting in silver medals! In the B category, Corporal Sherrington jumped into fourth in long jump, with Cadet Corporals Pym (in discus and javelin) and Greenwood (in high jump) just missing out on medals. Cadet Corporal Clifton earned two gold medals in his C category events, in discus and shotput. In class C, Cadets Holohan & Sherrington picked up silver medals in discus and long jump respectively, and Corporal Markey earnt a gold in shot-put after beating the field with her three throws, as well as Cadet Trafford picking up a silver with her effort in javelin. In the E category, Cadet Flight Sergeant Brentley (discus & javelin) and Corporal Cookson (long jump) tried hard in their events, but unfortunately didn’t pick up any silverware. Overall, the A category finished second, before and D categories were announced as winners by the Wing Sports Officer – Warrant Officer Nash. C and categories were unlucky not to place, but finished in eleventh and ninth respectively. This meant that overall, thanks to the combined effort by all cadets who attended, we finished in… Second place! Beaten only by 723 (Wigan) Squadron!